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Grounding: How it can Improve your Quality of Life

One of the many things that have come to light during the COVID 19 pandemic is how much access to the outdoors is taken for granted. Although there are many social factors that made the lockdown particularly painstaking, there might also be some health factors that make being outside particularly beneficial. Recent research has highlighted grounding techniques as a means to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, and stress while improving sleep quality and energy levels.

Grounding (also known as earthing) is a practice that involves coming into direct contact with the ground or a grounding mat, that is used indoors to electromagnetically connect you to the earth. This technique is considered to be beneficial because the human body produces free radicals, lone and reactive electrons, and in excess are attributed to aging and inflammation. Connecting with the earth allows these electrons to discharge from the body because the electromagnetic fields that run through the earth readily accept these electrons. This process has been connected to positive health outcomes by many studies.<