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How the "Medicare For All" plan will change America

Elizabeth Warren, the leading female Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 election, has recently pushed forth a $20.5 trillion plan for a single health insurance plan for all Americans. This plan, known as Medicare For All and founded and sponsored by Bernie Sanders, would eliminate more than 150 million existing health insurance plans, including employer-sponsored programs. The plan would cover every American struggling to pay out-of-pocket expenses, providing 27.5 million people who don’t have health insurance with the benefit of receiving the care they need.

Medicare For All is commonly misconceived as a single proposal, but multiple proposals are outlined in bills to explain what factors will contribute to making this insurance plan the most cost-effective. This plan would be tax-financed, costing wealthy businesses over $15 trillion in taxes, and would provide lifetime enrollment without premiums. Additionally, Americans wouldn’t have the trouble of finding new doctors under this plan since Medicare For All builds upon current systems. Furthermore, the plan would allow Americans more opportunities than private insurances, permitting them to see any doctor they need.

While the benefits of Medicare For All outweigh any consequences, some Americans struggle to find the overall good of this plan. The main worry comes from the implementation of the plan and whether it will solve all of America’s health-related problems. Alan Weil, JD, MPP, editor in chief of Health Affairs, says that the plan “would probably be implemented by age groups” and that “once it’s your turn, you’d move from private coverage and into this plan.” Legislators expect to carry out a smooth transition of the plan over a number of years, intending to mail out Medicare cards to every citizen. Additionally, America’s health problems all depend on how well Medicare For All is actually adapted. Unexpected issues are expected to occur, but, according to Weil, the government will “learn to navigate.”

Medicare For All is an expansive and ambitious plan, but Elizabeth Warren, as well as other Democratic candidates, are determined to push forward the proposals in their campaigns.

More information on this development can be found here and here.

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