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The medical field is constantly undergoing changes, both big and small. From medical breakthroughs to changes to the medical school application process, there are vast amounts of information that are relevant to pre-health students. Unfortunately, this information seems so foreign to many of us as we either have no access to it or it may simply be too difficult or tedious for us to find. The Medical Literature Society (MLS) offers a solution to this ever-growing problem. We are an online news platform seeking to create a centralized source for all information that pertains to pre-health students. Additionally, we want to empower the pre-health community by creating a forum for discussion on issues and news within the medical field; while at the same time, we want students to cultivate a passion for a professional career in medicine by thinking critically about the subtle nuances of a medical career and what it takes for students like us to enter it.

Our club’s inception began at UCLA in the winter of 2014. In the course of only four months, the UCLA website accumulated 10,000 views, from all over the world, with a staff of 50 students who served as either columnists or editors. Furthermore, in less than a year we have expanded to four other schools, USC, UC Berkeley, Washington University in St. Louis, and UC San Diego, each with their own fully functional website.


We are excited for the 2018-2019 school year, and we are looking forward to the new opportunities that are in stall for us in the near future that will further expand MLS. As viewers, we not only encourage you to see what each of the pages have to offer, but also to “Join the Discussion!”

MLS is comprised of four different sections:

  1. Ethics

  2. Current Events

  3. Public Health

  4. Opinion-Editorials

Our organization is completely student run. Our members get to decide which articles to write and how they want to write them. Not only do students manage the content that we place online, but they are also in charge of managing the layout of the website and handling the publicity of our organization.

Basic Requirements:

Columnist: Meet with editors and other columnists to create articles about different medical and healthcare topics. Responsible for writing at least 1 article per quarter.

Editor: Help multiple columnists brainstorm and edit articles. Also responsible for helping research other news stories related to topics columnists are writing about.

Senior Editor: Help editors and columnists brainstorm, edit, and publish articles. Meet with Editor-in-Chief to review articles in progress and help shape the future direction of MLS.

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